Race Spectator Etiquette

EYC parents and members are always encouraged to watch EYC races and regattas, from the EYC pier or from their own boats, and to cheer EYC racers.  Please remember a few points of race spectator etiquette:

*  Do not provide assistance to a racer from the warning signal until the racer has finished the race.  A racer who receives assistance will be disqualified from that race.  “Assistance” can include verbal instruction, capsize recovery, boat repair or tuning, or even allowing a sailboat to tie up to a non-racing boat.  Of course, don’t let this rule stop you from helping a racer who is in danger.  Etiquette does not not trump safety!  Assistance and advice is permitted when a competitor is not racing, and cheering is encouraged at all times.

*  Spectators in their own boats should stay well clear of the race course.  The best place to watch races is from at least 100 yards downwind of the leeward-most mark (or downwind of the start-finish line, if that line is to leeward of all the marks).  Remember, the race course can be very wide, and racers will not always steer a straight line between marks.  Thus, merely staying out of the straight line between marks may not keep you out of the race course.

*  Avoid being upwind of racers.  Your boat’s wind shadow may reduce a racer’s wind, for a surprisingly long distance downwind of you.  This means that upwind of the weather mark is a bad place from which to watch races.

*  Avoid making a wake.  Your wake might help one racer and harm another, depending on their position on the course.  When anywhere near the race course, drive only at a slow-no-wake speed, except when necessary in an emergency.

Thanks for helping the EYC to make its races as fair and fun as possible for all racers!