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The Ephraim Yacht Club is volunteer-managed, and could not exist without the thousands of hours of volunteer time donated every year by its members.  It is important to spread the volunteer load so that no one person is required to carry too much of it.  The EYC is constantly seeking the right volunteer for the right position.

Get started and click on the SignUp Genius icon below or use this link  to view the 2019 EYC’s signup sheets. 




If you would like to volunteer to help the EYC and don’t see the right opportunity in SignUp Genius, or if you are interested in one of the positions described below or in volunteering in some other capacity, please contact [email protected].  Or, you can contact the appropriate Committee chairperson.

The EYC appreciates your help!

Advertising Sales Chair.  The EYC can raise additional revenue to support its programs by selling sponsorships and advertising in its twice-yearly newsletter, the Eagle’s Cry, and in its annual membership directory.  The EYC needs a volunteer to solicit local businesses and member-owned businesses to advertise in the Eagle’s Cry.

Development Chair.  The EYC is fortunate to be public charity qualified under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The EYC depends on donations of money and in-kind items to help hold down membership dues and lesson tuition.  The EYC needs someone to help integrate fundraising into the EYC’s operations and culture, and to create a variety of fundraising methods which are effective without being too annoying or intrusive.

Endowment Chair.  The EYC needs to grow its miniscule endowment, to provide a secure source of income, to enable the EYC to provide better member services while holding down dues and lesson tuition.  We have many affluent, generous, appreciative, and loyal members; what we need is someone to remind them to remember the EYC in their wills.  The right person as Endowment Chair could have the largest impact on the EYC of any person since Ivan Thorpe provided the EYC with a pier in 1939.

Grant Writer.  The EYC is a public charity and thus is eligible to receive grants from other charities and foundations.  The EYC needs a person to research what grants may be available to the EYC, coordinate with EYC volunteers on strategy to obtain grants, and write and submit grant applications.

House Committee and Dock Committee Members.  The EYC’s Dock Committee, led by Kimon Miller, has a long list of projects and not enough skilled hands.  If you are reasonably handy, and / or have professional experience in engineering, construction, or similar fields, and would like to take charge or help with of one or more Dock projects, contact Kim at [email protected].  Our House Committee, led by Fred Lewis, has the same need for volunteers.  You can contact Fred at [email protected]

Photographer(s).  The EYC needs people to show up at various EYC events, shoot digital pictures with lots of different smiling members in them, and then upload them to the EYC’s Internet photo archive on Flickr.  If photography is your hobby, this won’t seem like a job to you at all.

Video Producer.  We need someone to write and produce a short (under 2 minutes), professional-quality video promoting EYC membership and sailing lessons.  The video would become a key part of the EYC’s marketing to prospective members and students, and would be prominently featured on the EYC’s website.