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Summer Phone: 920-854-7107

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Ephraim Yacht Club
P.O. Box 331
10071 Water Street
Ephraim, WI 54211
Clubhouse phone (summer only) 920-854-7107


Board of Directors

Woody Heidler             2023          [email protected]

Laura O’Rourke            2023          [email protected]

Steve Sauter                  2023           [email protected]

Brian Ritter                   2023          [email protected]

Carol Claypool              2024           [email protected]

John Dischner              2024            [email protected]

Hugh Haggerty             2024            [email protected]

Fran Morof                    2024           [email protected]

Marta Fonseca              2025            [email protected]

Jim Peterman               2025            [email protected]

Lisa Gifford                   2025            [email protected]

Colin Knight                  2025

Committee Chairs

  1. Bridge: Suzanne Lisle*
  2. Clubhouse:  Jim Peterman*
  3. Communications:  Marta Fonseca*, Mamie Wong-Mueller, Sara Knight
  4. Dock:  Colin Knight*, Hugh Haggerty, Michael Faugust, Gordon Rowley
  5. Eagle’s Cry:  Fran Morof*, Nancy Claypool
  6. Education:  Brian Ritter*, Jeanne Papenthien, Carol Fielder
  7. Equipment:  Steve Sauter*, Cain Goettelman
  8. First Mates/Social Chair:  Lisa Forsman*
  9. Fleet Captains:
    1. Flying Scot:  Michael Faugust*
    2. Laser:  Geoff Werner*
  10. Fundraising:  Steve Sauter* & Laura O’Rourke
  11. Fyr Bal Pancake Breakfast:  Jane Ford and Lisa Forsman
  12. Insurance:  John Dischner*
  13. Membership:  Lisa Gifford*, Jodie Hoyerman, Fran Morof, Marta Fonseca
  14. Merchandise:  Geoff Werner*
  15. Personnel:  Hugh Haggerty*, Lisa Gifford, Steve Sauter, Brian Ritter, Laura O’Rourke
  16. Prizes:  Laura O’Rourke*
  17. Race & Regatta:  Woody Heidler*
    1. Ephraim Regatta:  Emily and Woody Heidler*
    2. Laser Regatta:  Geoff Werner*
    3. Rich Hall Junior Regatta:  TBD
  18. Safety:  Brian Ritter*, Laura Thérien
  19. Scholarships:  Sherry Moore*
  20. Slip & Locker Management:  John Dischner*
  21. Strategic Planning:  John Dischner*, Hugh Haggerty, Laura O’Rourke, Lisa Gifford
  22. Village Liaison:  Jim Peterman*
  23. Volunteer:  Fran Morof*, Jeanne Papenthien
  24. Youth Activities:  Susanna Mortara*, Melissa Little

*Denotes Chairperson