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The club 420 is a 4.20 meter-long (13.8 feet), double handed dingy with both a main and a jib. These boats provide a great learning opportunity for sailors of all skill levels, serving as the base for many high school and collegiate sailing teams, while also existing as a simple, safe leaning boat for beginners. The EYC has 18 420s that are used for lessons and racing. Races, held twice a week, are both fun and competitive, often including many boats out on the race course.

Fleet Activities

Fleet activities revolve around the 420 racing series, held on Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Additionally, look for the 420 fleet to work on adding chalk talks before and/or after series races and the junior regatta. If you have and questions or suggestions, please contact 420 fleet captain, Penelope Whiteside, at [email protected].

420 Series

The Club 420 race series take place on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons with boat draw at 5pm and 12pm respectively. The first race starts one hour later. All EYC sailors are encouraged to race. EYC trophies are awarded to the winner of each race.   The top woman skipper receives a plaque at the end of the season.


Rich Hall Junior Regatta: July 4 – 5. Skippers must be at least 12 and under 18. Crew must be under 18

Racing Information

Useful Weather and Racing Links