Membership Deadline for the EYC Directory

EYC  Directory deadline is April 5th

Spring is in the air and there are 59 days until the EYC opens for the 2024 summer season! Renew your membership before April 5th to be included in the EYC directory.
When renewing your membership, please check  that your  address, email and telephone numbers for your account are correct and if necessary, please make changes in the same format OR  email membership with changes needed and one of the membership volunteers will edit your CE account information. If no changes are needed, kindly leave everything formatted as is for the EYC prinited directory.
If you need assistance in anyway, please email Sara Knight and Lisa Gifford at [email protected]
Membership Dues (June 1-May 31)
*Family: $250/yr ( member, spouse and children under 25 years old)
*Senior and Senior Couples: $225/yr ( member or member spouse age 71 and over)
*Single: $225/yr ( member age 25-70)
**Young Adult$50/yr (age 25-30) no initiation fee and limited membership benefits
**Student: $85/yr (age 24 and under) no initiation fee and limited membership benefits
**no voting and no reciprocal club privileges