Passing of Bob Bentley

Rober Dewar Bentley
December 27, 1934 – August 18, 2023


Friends of the Ephraim Yacht Club it is with great sadness that I share Bob’s passing on August 18, 2023, at our home in Sun Valley, Idaho. My daughter,Heather, was by our side. The greatest joy in June, 2023, was sharing a glorious“Kid’s Reunion” with Bob’s 3 children, Rob, Ned, Dana and Heather.

Bob was 7 months old when he first visited EYC. His grandfather, Thomas Lord built a home, ‘Deep Woods’, on North Shore Rd in 1929 and later became Commodore of the EYC in 1946. Every summer until 1952, Bob spent in Ephraim. Sailing was in Bob’s blood as he went on to sail in many  Mackinaw Races, skills that he learned in Eagle Harbor.  After graduation at Evanston HS ’52, he spent a year at The Hill School which propelled him to Yale ’57. Three years in the Marine Corps then back to Chicago. Eight years downtown in business was enough…leaving to pursue his passion full time…ART! This also offered time to sail again!  I was first introduced to Door County in 1989 and I fell in love!

When Bob and I married in 1995 there was no discussion, we were moving to DC and joining the EYC! We had a wonderful home overlooking Hedgehog Harbor and a beautiful Gallery where Bob produced many of his glorious portraits and whimsical art! So many of you have visited us there and may have a few pieces in your homes! So many memories were shared by all at the many fun gatherings at the club. There were lots of wonderful stories of their ancestors who were friends of Bob’s grandparents and parents. Bob was so very grateful for this time together.  We were so very blessed to have such a wonderful and exciting life together.

Bob and his Best Friend, Bear, our English Labrador will be laid to rest together June 7, 2024, in Blossomberg Cemetery. The Memorial will be a private graveside service. Thank all of you for your friendship and kind thoughts.

Always the Best,
Barbara Bentley