Avoid Frustration. Buy a Sailboat.

Are you frustrated because the Flying Scot you borrowed from a friend is missing a key part?  Or because your child showed up eager to race and then didn’t draw an EYC-owned boat?  Or because the EYC boat you drew doesn’t seem to be as fast as the privately owned boats, or is rigged in a way which you don’t like?  Do you have children coming up through the EYC’s lesson program, and you want to encourage them to sail more on their own outside of lessons, and ensure they can race with confidence?

Here’s your old-fashioned solution: buy your own sailboat.

The EYC’s fleet is limited in numbers, sometimes has boats out of commission for maintenance, and suffers a lot of wear and tear from almost daily use by inexperienced students and other sailors.  Despite the constant efforts of EYC staff and volunteers, EYC-owned sailboats will never be in great condition like a privately-owned boat can be.  And of course EYC-owned boats must be shared with all other EYC members.   With increasing frequency, there are not as many EYC-owned boats as there are EYC members wishing to race them.

Used sailboats are relatively inexpensive, and with a little care, keep their resale value.  Used Lasers can be found (often with trailer, sail and cover) for $1000 to $1200, in good condition.  Two used Optimists (at least one of them in superb condition for under $1000) are for sale on the EYC’s Classified Ads page.  Used Flying Scots in good condition can be found, with sails and trailer, for $3000 to $4000.

Keep an eye on the EYC classified ads web page, the EYC clubhouse bulletin board, your local Craigslist boats-for-sale classified ads, the Laser Forum for sale ads at www.sailingforums.com/forums/Laser_Sales and the Flying Scot Sailing Association’s for sale ads at http://www.fssa.com/ht/shop/shop-caveat-emptor.htm.