Introduce a friend to the EYC

We lose approximately 10% of EYC members every year, just by attrition. Just to keep our membership at the current healthy level, we will need to add forty new Family, Senior and Single members in 2014!

So, the EYC asks each of its members to  introduce a friend to the EYC in 2014.  For a complete description of member benefits, watch the EYC’s new 5-minute slide show at and see our membership page at  But remember, the most important EYC membership benefits are the lifelong friendships we make!

The upcoming Ice Cream Social (Friday, July 4) is a great introduction to the EYC. It’s free, and you can bring your friends and their children as your guests.  Evening 420 races will take place, so potential members, students and racers can see that the EYC is not just parties – we sail, too!

Remember, EYC membership is open to all, with no sponsorship, recommendation, residency or invitation required.