420 open practice May 31 – June 1

The EYC will host two days of practice races in 420s this weekend, Saturday May 31 and Sunday June 1.  Members of the sailing team from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and other Wisconsin college teams, will be practicing for the upcoming Intercollegiate Sailing Association national championships.

Even if you are not on a college sailing team, if you meet the following conditions, you invited to take part, using EYC-owned 420s:

1.  The skipper must be an EYC member.  Crews are not required to be EYC members.

2.  Skipper and crew must be enrolled this spring in 8th grade or higher.  Adult EYC members are also invited to participate.

3.  Junior skippers and crews must be eligible for the EYC’s Racing class (in other words, already promoted from the Intermediate class, formerly called Level 3).  Adult participants should have a similar level of proficiency in 420s.  This is not a beginner 420 class.

4.  Due to the early date, a properly fitting drysuit or wetsuit is required for all participants in this event.  Sorry, the EYC does not have drysuits or wetsuits available to loan.

This is a great opportunity for EYC juniors or adults to improve their dinghy racing skills by racing against top college talent in a low-pressure context.

Eligible participants do not need to sign up.  Just show up at 9:00 AM on Saturday and/or Sunday. Participants can sail one or both days.  Participants should arrange in advance for their own skipper or crew.  The EYC will provide safety boat coverage.

There is no charge to participate in this event.