No Diving at the EYC in 2013

Swimming from the EYC pier in the cool, clean waters of Eagle Harbor is one of the many benefits of EYC membership.  EYC members are reminded to be safe when swimming.

Low water means the EYC pier is far above the surface, and the water is relatively shallow.   You might hit your head or break your neck on the bottom if you dive.  So, EYC members should be especially careful not to dive from the EYC pier or raft.  Diving from the pier or raft is prohibited.  We ask that all EYC members and parents assist in enforcing this important safety rule.

The EYC does not provide a lifeguard.  The EYC staff are sailing instructors, not lifeguards.  Sometimes no staff will be on duty.  Even if staff are on duty while swimming takes place, it is not part of staff duties to supervise or monitor swimming EYC members — including EYC juniors — except in those rare instances when swimming takes place during sailing lessons.  Parents are responsible for their children at all times when their children are swimming at the EYC.

Parents should ensure their children do not engage in reckless or dangerous behavior, such as pushing or throwing others off the pier or the raft, or other rough play.

Swimming is not allowed in the harbor between the EYC pier and the Ephraim Yacht Harbor pier.

Swimming is not allowed from the south and west faces of the EYC pier.  Swimming is allowed only from the north face of the pier, west of the riprap and east of the green channel marker.

Also, do not jump off the pier near the hanging piers.

In summary, while the EYC allows swimming, diving is prohibited, swimming is at your own risk, no lifeguard is on duty, swimmers must act responsibly, swimming is permitted only in the designated area, and parents are responsible for the safety of their children while swimming.