The seasons are changing-hats off to a wonderful summer!

Labor Day has come and gone, which means that summer is “officially” over and this is the last of  the EYC weekly emails for 2019.


EYC Clean UP/Close Up was a huge success!
Thanks to the numerous volunteers, we finished the close-up in record time.  A big thank you to the entire Gibraltar Sailing team and their parents that came to help out! It truly is amazing to see so many people working together to get the club closed for the season.  “Many hands make light work”. We finished the job lists early and put our new grills to use.
Thanks to the following volunteers, hope I didn’t leave anyone off: Fabian Waleffe, Fred & Sue Lewis, Jack Rebhan, Rob & Sherry Moore, Bob Richter, Charlie Sauter, Will Andersen, Kim & Jenny Miller, Olivia Finck, Eliza Maltby, Adelle Carlisle, Vivaiane & Mark Finck, Esther Palamino, Scott Behremi, Gordon Rowley, Geoff Werner, Hugh Haggerty, Molly McCormack, Steve & Deb Crane, Mary Kate McCormack, Jodi Hoyerman, Matt Winnacker, Wesley Whiteside, Penelope Whiteside, Michael Faugust, John Dischner, Laura O’Rourke.
Looking forward to seeing everyone next year at club opening! It’s been a great year! What A Club!


Open play and couples bridge continues through September 26th.