EYC Thank-Yous

The Ephraim Yacht Club gets lots of help in lots of ways from its members and friends.  We always try to thank everyone who helps or who makes a donation.

Thank you to EYC member Mike Maltby of Action Electric in Sister Bay.  Each fall Mike takes down our heavy, cumbersome electric crane motors, stores them for us over the winter, and re-installs them in the spring, all at no charge.

Thank you to EYC member Paul Jones of Land Art landscapers of Wausau.   The EYC doesn’t have much property to landscape, but Paul makes sure that what we have is well planned and kept pruned, vigorous and updated.  Look for some new plants and flowers around the parking area and driveway this spring, and repairs to our split rail fence on our north boundary, courtesy of Paul.

Thank you to EYC member Rob Comstock, who put his professional sign-making skills to work on our behalf and created a beautiful new EYC sign.  Rob designed the sign and donated all the labor and materials, too!  (Our old sign will be auctioned off at the EYC’s July 13 Dinner with Gary Jobson).

Thank you to Yacht Works in Sister Bay.  Again in 2013, Yacht Works is offering a 10% discount on gear purchased by EYC students for EYC lessons, such as PFDs, gloves, glasses straps, and boating shoes.  To get the discount, just tell the Yacht Works cashier that your purchase is for an EYC student and that you are entitled to a 10% discount.

Thank you to everyone who took time on Wednesday, April 24 to unload the EYC’s new fleet of eighteen 420-class dinghies (in no particular order):  Steve Sauter, Jessica Sauter, Kyle Oradnik, Noah Higginbotham, Bruce Bass, Andrew Christal, Jim Rose, Kate Neavolls, Jay Lott, Bjorn Hooper, Bob Klein, Tom Mulligan, Fred Lewis, and Chris Bungener.  Also thank you to Steve and Jessica Sauter’s icecreamsource.com who provided the essential base of young, strong boat-lifters.

Thank you to Andi and Terry Connelly, who donated a used outboard motor, which the EYC will be able to sell to raise funds for its programs.

Thank you to Kirk and Karen Brown, who donated a used boat trailer.

Thank you to Sue Klein, who donated a used trailer customized for windsurfer storage, which will be used by the EYC to make additional paddleboard and windsurfer rental slots available to our members.

Thank you to EYC members and friends who helped assemble our 18 new Seitech dollies on the evening of April 11:  Collin and Patrick Duffy, Noah Higginbotham, Jay Lott, Steve Minten, Rob Moore and Kyle Ouradnik.  With many hands we were able to assemble the dollies in less than three hours.  Thanks to Steve Sauter for lending his warehouse for indoor assembly space during the sleet storm.

Thank you to Certified Public Accountant, EYC member, and former Treasurer Paul Pillat, who provides advice and assistance to the EYC’s current Treasurer to help make sure our financial records and financial statements are complete and accurate.

Thank you to Adam Moore, who found and purchased a trailer for the EYC’s new powerboat, and who stored it in his warehouse in Milwaukee until it could be brought to Door County.  Thank you to Rex Kahr, who delivered the trailer to Door County.

If we left your name off the list, it’s because so many people help that it’s hard for us to remember and keep track.  If you helped and don’t see your name above, or if you know of someone who has done something for the EYC and who has not been thanked either in an e-mail or in the Eagle’s Cry, please tell us at [email protected]