Instructor Housing Opportunities

Would you like to spend more time with the EYC’s helpful, polite, neat, erudite, charming, lovable Director Alex Zalar?  You are in luck!  We need housing for him this summer.  You can choose two weeks or all summer.  First come, first served.  He arrives in early June and will be in Door County through mid-August.

We also have a new female instructor, Camille Morley, a student at St. Olaf’s College, who will need housing for the week of July 22 and possibly one other week.

Please join the dozens of other EYC members who have housed EYC instructors in past summers.  Your housing  helps the EYC attract and retain valuable instructors, and holds down our personnel costs.  At the same time you and your family can develop a rewarding relationship with an EYC instructor.

If you might be able to help, please reply to [email protected].