The EYC is a Large Yacht Club

The EYC’s members often think of it as a small yacht club, which is correct if you measure the square footage of the EYC’s clubhouse.

However, by the most important measures, the EYC ranks among the largest yacht clubs in the United States.


In 2011, the EYC had 476 paid members (Family, Senior, Single and Student).

US SAILING surveys classify yacht clubs as small (less than 120 members), medium (121-300 members) and large (300+ members). The “large” clubs constitute 1/3 of all yacht clubs.  The EYC is among the larger clubs in the “large” category.

Counting spouses and children, the EYC’s 2011 membership approached 1000 persons.


In 2011, the EYC taught 252 student sessions, to over 200 unique students.  Nationally, yacht clubs average 87 students in their lesson programs.


In 2012, the EYC has seventeen instructor staff plus a Director.  All eighteen of them are US SAILING level 1 certified, and more than half are US Sailing Level 2 certified.  Nationally, clubs average 6.3 instructors, 4.4 of whom are Level 1 certified.


The EYC schedules eight race dates weekly averaging 3.75 races per date, for a total of 30 races scheduled each WEEK.  Nationally, yacht clubs schedule an average of 1.5 race dates per week and run 18 races per YEAR.


The EYC does it all while keeping dues far below the national average.  EYC annual family membership dues are $175.  Nationwide, the average annual yacht club dues are $661, while the average among the EYC’s peer seasonal clubs is $581 and the average among the EYC’s peer large clubs is $1208.

Data:  US SAILING national yacht club surveys, 2007 and 2010.