Opening Social Saturday June 23

The EYC’s Opening Social is Saturday, June 23, beginning at 6:00 PM.

If you are a new EYC member, we encourage you to attend and mingle.  The single best thing about the EYC is its people, and we want to get to know you!

If you are a longtime EYC member, please make a special effort to introduce yourself to new members and make them feel welcome.

The EYC will supply wine and soft drinks.  Please bring an hors d’oeuvre in sufficent quantity not just to feed your own family, but also to share.  Dress is summer casual.  The EYC will provide valet parking for those few members who are not able to walk from the Spruce Street or Anderson Dock parking lots.  Please, no dogs at this event.

Let’s always maintain the welcoming, inclusive atmosphere which makes the EYC such a special place.  New EYC members for 2012 are:

Mr. Stuart M. Bailey & Ms. Elizabeth A. Binder, San Jose, CA

Ms. Susan P. Bowers, Sycamore, IL

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Brodd, Sister Bay, WI

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Davitt, Evanston, IL

Mr. & Mrs. Tyler S. Ellison, Dallas, TX

Mr. David R. Ellmann, Fish Creek, WI

Mr. and Mrs. William Enright, Bailey’s Harbor, WI

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Hansen, Winnetka, IL

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Hughes, Elmhurst, IL

Mr. & Mrs. Scott R. Isaacson, Baileys Harbor, WI

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Klimpel, Elm Grove, WI

Mr. Martin E. Jacobsen & Ms. Karen T. Reynolds, Hastings on Hudson, NY

Dr. & Mrs. James A. Johnson, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Mr. Rex R. Kahr, Chicago, IL

Mr. & Mrs. Brett M. Lecy, Fish Creek, WI

Mr. & Mrs.Jon J. Leicht, Kenosha, WI

Ms. Julia K. Lorenz, Dayton, OH

Mr. & Mrs. Terrence J. McIntyre, Boulder, CO

Ms. Florence D. McMillan, Chicago, IL

Mr. & Mrs. Frank S. Mitvalsky, Cedar Rapids, IA

Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Moore, Naperville, IL

Mr. John M. Murphy & Ms. Mary M. Hirthe, Milwaukee, WI

Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Parks, Kenilworth, IL

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Porter, Sister Bay, WI

Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Reinfeldt, Franklin, TN

Mr & Mrs. Andrew J. Reynolds, Oak Park IL

Dr. & Mrs. Stanley J. Russell, Sr., Tucson, AZ

Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert F. Urfer, Wauwatosa, WI

Mr. & Mrs. Brian A. Wolf, Chicago, IL

Mr. & Mrs. Devin E. Wolf, Delafield, WI

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff E. Wyatt, Denver, CO

Mr. Alexander M. Zalar, Oregon, OH