Pledge Drive for New 420 Dinghies / July 7 Fundraising Gala

**SAVE THE DATE**  Gala fundraising event evening of Saturday July 7.  See details below.

The EYC’s fleet of eight double-handed Flying Juniors was a great investment for the EYC, and the boats have seen a lot of use.  Our growing lesson and racing program needs more double-handed boats, and the FJs, built in 1996, are showing their years.  Prior to the 2013 season, the EYC will replace its eight FJs with twelve 420-class dinghies.

The EYC has been fortunate to locate a fleet of 420s built in 2005, at a favorable price.  The EYC has agreed to purchase at least twelve boats, to be delivered to the EYC in May 2013.

The EYC will fund some of the purchase price from its reserves and from the sale of the Flying Juniors.  Donations are needed to pay the balance of the purchase price.  We need to raise approximately $30,000 to pay for twelve 420s, plus shipping, new dollies, and new sails.

Scott and Duska Pearson have generously offered to lead the EYC’s fundraising effort.  Scott and Duska will host a gala fundraising event on the evening of Saturday, July 7.  If you wish to be invited, please contact Duska (630) 975-4942 or [email protected].

When you are asked to pledge, please be generous.  The EYC holds down its dues in the knowledge that major capital purchases like this one can be funded by the generosity of our members…and your donation is tax-deductible.  A donor will have the right to name a 420 for each $2500 which he or she donates.  Each donor will be gratefully acknowledged by the EYC, if they choose.

PLEASE HELP TAKE THE EYC’S FLEET TO THE NEXT LEVEL.  PLEDGE NOW by contacting Scott Pearson (312) 342-3937 or [email protected].


The EYC has an option to purchase six more 420s in addition to the twelve it already agreed to purchase.  If six EYC members commit to purchase a 420 for themselves, the EYC will exercise its option to purchase those six boats, and will resell the boats to those members at the EYC’s cost.  The purchase price of $3000 includes the boat, shipping and a set of used sails.  New sails, dollies and trailers can be purchased separately by members.  The EYC will offer dry slip spaces for private 420s on dollies.

To purchase a private 420, contact Scott Pearson (312) 342-3937 or [email protected].


The 420 is approximately the same weight and length as the Flying Junior, and has a similar sail area.  Like the FJ, it can be used by sailors age 12 or higher.  The 420 is an exciting boat to sail because its wider beam and flat rocker means it planes more readily, giving a thrilling ride to our junior sailors.  The EYC’s boats will be the “Club/Collegiate” model, which are built slightly more heavily for program use, and are not equipped with spinnakers and trapezes.

Like the FJ, the 420 class is widely used in high school and college programs, meaning EYC juniors will be well-prepared for future competition.