2013 series race results / awards picnic

Congratulations to all the EYC’s 2013 series race winners and participants!

The EYC had its best year of racing ever, with hardly any races cancelled due to bad weather, and more overall participants than any prior year (including 32 skippers competing in the Friday 420 series, a record for any EYC series).

The EYC will award its series race trophies at the lunch picnic following the club closing work day on Saturday, August 31.  If you won a trophy, please try to be at the picnic (or, better yet, be at BOTH the work day AND the picnic) to receive your award and appropriate admiration, adulation, accolades, and applause.

If you are not able to be there, the EYC will mail your trophy to you.

Complete series race and regatta results for 2013 are at www.eyc.org/racing

Series trophy winners are:


Flying Scot  Saturday series (21 skippers competed):

1st Roger Waleffe

2nd John Welch

3rd Jay Lott


Flying Scot Monday series (21 skippers):

1st Teddy Papenthien

2nd Liz Gheorghita

3rd Roger Waleffe


Laser Friday series (16 competitors):

1st Delaney Dykman

2nd Sydney Richter

3rd Chris Bierman


Laser Sunday series (21 competitors):

1st Delaney Dykman

2nd Ally Dykman

3rd Brian Ritter


Laser Masters trophy (highest finisher age 30 or over in the Laser Sunday series): John Welch


420 Friday series (32 skippers):

1st Stefan Peterson

2nd Eric Richter

3rd Roger Waleffe


420 Sunday series (29 skippers):

1st Scott Pearson

2nd Eric Hoyerman

3rd Abby O’Rourke


Optimist June series (all ages) (12 competitors):

1st Eric Hoyerman

2nd Derek Waleffe

3rd Parker Wolf


Optimist Red Fleet series (ages 12-15) (21 competitors):

1st Eric Hoyerman

2nd Sophie Tasker

3rd Derek Waleffe


Optimist Blue Fleet series (ages 11 and under) (21 competitors):

1st Ingrid Pearson

2nd Peter Gallun

3rd Lucy Gallun