EYC thank-yous

The EYC gets lots of help from members and friends.  We are especially grateful to those who give time during our all-too-short summer season.

Remember, the EYC has many open volunteer jobs.  Some of them are listed at www.eyc.org/volunteer, but that’s not a complete list.  The EYC can find the right job, big or small, to match the skills and availability of any volunteer.  If you would like to volunteer, contact [email protected]

Thank you to Skip Heidler, who donated a nice pile of window sash weights for the EYC to use as race mark anchors, then spent a few hours splicing our mark anchor lines to the anchors so they won’t get lost.

Thank you to Jodi Hoyerman, who excavated a season’s worth of abandoned towels from the EYC’s Lost and Found bin, washed and folded them, and placed them in  the clubhouse for their owners to recover.  Jody and her husband Rick also hosted the EYC staff for a dinner on Thursday, August 8.

Thank you to Anne and Larry Crowe.  The Crowe’s lawn has served as the destination for at least one sailing school Donut Day expedition in 2013.

Thank you to Bjorn and Kitty Hooper, who hosted our visiting race officers, Don Smith and Chris Kicinski, for the Ephraim Regatta. Also thanks to Bjorn and Kitty for storing the Ephraim Regatta race management gear — a truckful of marks, flags, anchors and lines — in their garage for a year since the 2012 Ephraim Regatta.  Bjorn and Kitty have generously offered to store this gear again during the next offseason.

Thank you to John Welch, who allowed the EYC to store some excess trailers in his yard in order to create more space on the pier for visiting sailors for the Ephraim Regatta.

Thank you to the members of the Nominations Committee: Heather Andersen, Marsella Fults and Scott Pearson.  They worked behind the scenes to find four new Directors, a new Vice Commodore, and a new Treasurer.  It takes a lot of careful work to find good people to lead the EYC and to take on the time-consuming officer positions.

Thank you to Bill and Heather Andersen, who hosted the EYC staff for an evening of water fun and dinner at their summer home on Echo Island on Sunday, August 4.

Thank you to Lisa Gifford and Myra DeLong, who treated the EYC staff to a pizza thank-you lunch on Thursday, August 8.

Thank you to Martha Sauter and the rest of the Sauter family, who donated skipper and crew keeper prizes to go with the Sauter Trophy at the Ephraim Regatta.  Thank you to George and Linda Carey, who donated keeper prizes for the Peder Knudson Trophy.

Thank you to Klara Kobylinski, Camille Morley, George Carey, Linda Carey, and Charlotte Johnson, each of whom took some great photos and submitted them to the EYC for our photo archive.  If you have some EYC pictures you would like to share with the rest of the EYC membership, please e-mail them to [email protected].  You can view the EYC’s phot0 archive – going back decades – at www.eyc.org

Thank you to Mike Kahr and Death’s Door Marine, who stored our electric swiveling boat lift for about 7 years, ever since we removed it from the pier.  We have plans to reinstall it next year in a different place.

Thanks to Steve Sauter, who brought a crew of helpers from icecreamsource.com to help us pick up the boat lift at Death’s Door Marine, and then dropped it off at the EYC.

We try to make sure everyone who helps is publicly thanked.  However, so many people help that sometimes we forget or someone falls through the cracks.  If you know of someone who has helped the EYC, and has not been publicly thanked in an e-mail or in the Eagle’s Cry, please let us know [email protected]