Take 9 minutes to learn the racing rules / Rich Hall Junior Regatta results

Do you or your child race at the EYC?

This handy animated guide explaining the basics of the racing rules of sailing should be viewed by every EYC racing sailor.

It’s only 9 minutes long.  Please take the time to view it (maybe even more than once).  And, require your junior racer to view it.

As more than one EYC sailor discovered last year, if you don’t know the racing rules, it can cost you — not just points in the final standings, but also the cost of repairing the other boat which you hit and damaged, if you were in the wrong.

(Although this animated guide refers to the 2009-2012 Racing Rules, the basics have not changed for 2013 and this guide is still up-to-date.)


Congrats to all the juniors who sailed in the EYC’s Rich Hall Junior Regatta July 13-14. For the first time, this event was sailed over two days and in two classes.  The weather was perfect, and four races were completed each day.  Thirty juniors competed (up from 16 in 2012) and the racing was very close.

420 class

1st  Teddy Papenthien and Miles Weder

2nd Roger Waleffe and Ally Dykman

3rd  Derek Waleffe and August Leonard

4th  Stefan Peterson and Jonathan Graham

5th  Annika Pearson and Matt Andersen

The trophy for the top all-girl 420 team was awarded to Gretchen Pearson and Margaret Gheorghita.


Laser Radial class

1st Steven Richter

2nd Sydney Richter

3rd Tommy Papenthien

4th Delaney Dykman

5th  Chris Bierman

The trophy for the top girl in the Laser Radial class was awarded to Sydney Richter.


For complete results see www.eyc.org/racing