Parking Policy Q and A (with Tommy Lee Jones)

The EYC has only three parking spaces.  The EYC has more than 500 members.  As a result, the EYC has a parking policy.  Members are reminded to follow the parking policy, which can be viewed at

 Parking Policy Questions and Answers:

Q:  Why does the EYC need to have a parking policy?

A:  With almost 500 members, the number of cars arriving and seeking to park at the EYC at certain times can be very high.  This causes issues of traffic safety, and fairness to fellow members.  In addition, when EYC members occupy or block the private parking spaces of Ephraim Yacht Harbor slip holders, that could damage the EYC’s good relationship with its neighbor, the EYH.

Q:  What are the safety issues?

A:  The following prohibited practices are hazardous, especially with so many EYC juniors running around:  stopping on the shoulder of Hwy. 42 to drop off or pick up passengers; stopping behind EYC or EYH parking spots to drop off or pick up passengers; and driving down the EYC’s driveway to the lower level.

Q:  What are the fairness issues?

A:  Among other things, when you stop or double-park behind a vehicle parked in an EYC space, you block that space.

Q:  Can’t I double-park behind someone if I know that person and if I remain available to move my car when asked?

A:  No, because then others will think double-parking is OK and will double-park behind people they don’t even know.  Also, by double-parking, you are so close to Hwy. 42 traffic that your vehicle constitutes a safety hazard.

Q:  Why is it the EYC’s business if I park in, or block, a private parking space belonging to an Ephraim Yacht Harbor slip holder?

A:  The EYC wants to maintain its good relationship with the EYH.  The EYH helps out the EYC in a lot of ways, including by providing water, the ability to temporarily tie boats to the EYH pier, the use of EYH driveway to access the EYC pier, and more.  EYH slip holders pay a lot of money to rent their parking spaces and they should be able to use those spaces without having to wait for an EYC member to get out of the way.

Q:  But I am only blocking a private EYH space for a minute or two.

A:  That space — and the entire EYH parking lot — is PRIVATE PROPERTY.  You wouldn’t want that EYH parking space owner to show up at your house and block your driveway, would you?

Q: Doesn’t the EYC really have four parking spaces?

A:  The fourth space is marked only for very short term loading and unloading of persons and gear.  Please unload quickly, then promptly move your vehicle to make room for the next EYC member.

Q:  Can’t I park on the grass just north of the EYC’s parking lot?

A:  No.  We put a “no parking” sign on a metal post there.  If you park there, you will break the signpost and scratch your car.  Possibly your fuel tank will be punctured, resulting in a fiery explosion.

Q:  Please, can’t I park on the grass just for a minute?  I have an old car and I don’t care if it gets scratched or exploded.

A:  No.  By parking on the grass, you block the handicapped / senior entrance to the clubhouse.  You also kill the beautiful green grass, which the EYC’s volunteer Clubhouse Chairman has labored mightily to grow.  You also block the view of persons backing out of the EYC’s three parking spaces.

Q:  Well, where should I park, then?

A:  Members are encouraged to leave the EYC’s three parking spaces for our more senior members.  Members are invited to park at the public parking lot on the corner of Spruce Street and Hwy. 42, just a short, healthy, 100-yard walk from the EYC.  Also, you can park at Anderson’s Dock, just a block north of the EYC.

Q:   I need to get to Leroy’s for coffee before the line gets too long.  Those parking and drop-off places are too far away from the EYC and will cost me an extra five minutes.

A:  [In a crotchety voice like Tommy Lee Jones] A hundred yards is too far for you to walk?  Back when the EYC was a kid, it had to walk five miles to school all year round, uphill both ways, barefoot, in two feet of snow, carrying a musket and a dead raccoon.

Q:  Er, OK then!  Are there exceptions to the parking rules?

A:  There are a very few limited exceptions, including for dropping off handicapped persons.  See the Parking Policy at for details.