EYC Thank-Yous

The Ephraim Yacht Club gets lots of help in lots of ways from its members and friends.  We always try to thank everyone publicly.

Have you ever noticed that some people are thanked again and again?  That’s because those people make a habit of helping the EYC, and we can’t thank them enough.

Thank you to Steve and Jessica Sauter, who provided several of their expert icecreamsource.com employees to help the EYC disassemble, pack and ship our eight old Flying Junior dollies, which we sold and shipped to Maryland.  We’ll be getting eighteen new dollies for our new fleet of eighteen 420s.

Also thank you to Steve for researching powerboats and helping the EYC find a good deal on our newest safety boat, a Kiwi/McLaughlin 520 with a Honda 50.   This new purpose-build coach boat, a rigid bottom inflatable, improves the overall reliability of the EYC’s safety boat fleet, and adds much-needed instructor mobility to teach lessons safely.

Thank you to Bill and Heather Andersen’s business Port Storage in Jacksonport, which for the second winter in a row donated indoor storage for the EYC’s Flying Scot and powerboat fleets — thirteen boats in all, plus a heated space for repainting one of the EYC’s Flying Scots.  If the EYC had to pay to store these boats, it would be a big hit to our budget, so the space provided is a big help in keeping our costs and dues down.

Thank you to Paul Jones, who went to bat for the EYC with some high mucky-mucks at the Wisconsin DNR, to help us get a dredging permit.

Thank you to Suzanne Brennan, who helped set up a meeting with Tina Vanmeer, the new Superintendent of Gibraltar Area Schools.  The EYC was happy to let Tina know about the sailing opportunities the EYC offers to Gibraltar students and parents, including sailing lessons and scholarships.  The EYC has been working with Gibraltar to promote the EYC’s lesson and scholarship program to Door County students and parents.

Thank you to EYC member Ryan Malmgren of Mad Sails in Madison, Wisconsin.  Ryan provides the EYC with favorable pricing whenever we need to upgrade our sails for our Flying Scots, 420s and Lasers.

Thank you to EYC board member John Welch, who has persuaded famous racing sailor and broadcaster Gary Jobson to visit the EYC on July 13.  John has made a donation to the EYC to finance Gary’s appearance fee, and will house Gary during his visit.

Thank you to EYC members Alison Tatlow and Linda Franczyk, who have volunteered to chair the EYC’s Opening Social again in 2013.  Thank you to EYC member Sue Volkmann, who will chair the EYC’s Commodore’s Party again in 2013.

Thank you to Matt Andrews and Kathy Chomeau, who donated a used Hobie 18 to the EYC, which the EYC will be able to sell to raise funds for its programs.

Thank you to Bjorn and Kitty Hooper, who will host Ephraim Regatta Principal Race Officer Don Smith and his wife Chris during the 2013 Ephraim Regatta.  Also thank you to Bjorn for his foresight in August 2012 in inviting Don to be the Ephraim Regatta PRO for 2013.  Finding a qualified PRO is always difficult, and we are fortunate to have an excellent one in Don, especially because he travels here all the way from North Carolina.  And, Don brings Chris as an added bonus, a highly qualified race officer in her own right.

If you know of someone who has done something for the EYC and who has not been thanked either in an e-mail or in the Eagle’s Cry, please tell us at [email protected]