Looking for an Optimist Sailboat? Here is a good used one.

The best way to show your child that you support his or her sailing aspirations is to purchase the child a sailboat.  Junior sailors with their own boats sail more, can sail outside of lessons and racing, learn to take care of their own equipment, and know that if they are not winning, the quality of their boat is not the reason.

Parents of younger EYC juniors who are Optimist sailors should consider buying this used Optimist, which is for sale in Egg Harbor for only $800 and appears to be in excellent condition and compatible with Optimist class rules.  With new Optimists going for $3500 plus shipping, we have not seen a used Optimist bargain like this anywhere in Wisconsin in the past 18 months.

See this link:  http://greenbay.craigslist.org/boa/3275108318.html