The EYC Needs a New Trophy

The EYC already awards a lot of trophies at the annual Ephraim Regatta.  We give trophies to the top five finishers, the winner of the first race (Vail Cup), winner of the last race (Charlie Sauter Trophy), top skipper age 18 or under (Sturgis Trophy), and the top husband-wife team (Peder Knudson trophy).  And that doesn’t even count the longest-distanced-traveled prize, or all the extra trophies we award when the EYC hosts the Flying Scot Midwest District Championships!

But at the EYC, sailing is a family sport and we don’t have an Ephraim Regatta trophy which recognizes sailing families.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could give an award for the top boat at the Ephraim Regatta sailed by family members?  If you are interested in joining the Vail, Sauter, Sturgis, and Knudson families by donating a named trophy, please contact [email protected].