420 Fundraising Campaign a Big Success

The EYC has completed its campaign to raise funds to purchase a fleet of eighteen 420-class doublehanded dinghies.  The campaign’s final push took the EYC over its fundraising goal of $64,420 in pledges.  Currently the amount pledged is almost $68,000!  The pledged amount, plus the amount the EYC will realize from the sale of its eight Flying Juniors, will fund the purchase of the 420s, sails and dollies without the need to spend the EYC’s operating funds.

A big thank you to everyone who pledged!  The 420s, together with their new sails and dollies, will be delivered prior to the 2013 season.  The EYC plans for this fleet to serve the EYC for a decade, for lessons, racing, and recreational sailing.

Thanks again to several people who were instrumental in raising these funds:  campaign co-chairs Scott and Duska Pearson, Scott’s assistant Joanne Shea, EYC Treasurer Deb Ritter, and fundraisers Marsella Fults, Jack O’Rourke, and Jay Lott.  Special thanks to Heather and Bill Andersen, who donated all the liquor for the fundraising gala hosted at the Pearson’s home.

Although the EYC has reached its fundraising goal to purchase the boats, additional donations to the EYC are always welcome and appreciated, and will be used to pay expenses associated with the fleet expansion, including new concrete on the pier, and additional sail and gear storage lockers.  So, if you would still like to donate, your donation won’t be turned away, and your name still can be included on the list of 420 campaign donors!  To donate by credit card, go to www.eyc.org/donate.  Or, mail a check to the Ephraim Yacht Club, P.O. Box 331, Ephraim, WI 54211.

Individual donors will be listed in the Fall Eagle’s Cry and on the EYC website.  Before the donor list is published, each individual donor will be contacted and given an opportunity to opt out of the listing or to be listed as an anonymous donor.

If you have pledged but not yet paid, you must pay prior to October 15, 2012 in order to have your name listed in the Fall Eagle’s Cry.  If you cannot remember how much you pledged, or if you are not sure if you have already paid your pledge, contact EYC Treasurer Deb Ritter [email protected].