Family Regatta June 30

The EYC’s annual Family Regatta is June 30 in Flying Scots.  The skippers meeting will be at 9:30 AM and the warning signal for the first race is scheduled for 10:00 AM.  To see the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions, go to

The Family Regatta takes place as part of the regular Saturday morning Flying Scot series.  If you have a parent/child, grandparent/grandchild, or siblings on board, you are eligible for separate Family Regatta trophies.  However, even if you do not have any of those combinations on board, you can still race in the June 30 Saturday morning Flying Scot races.

The EYC anticipates a lot of demand for use of EYC-owned Flying Scots in the Family Regatta, so the boat drawing will be held in advance via e-mail.  If you wish to enter the boat drawing, you must send an e-mail to [email protected] not later than 5 PM on Thursday, June 28, stating your name, phone number and that you wish to enter the Family Regatta boat draw.

To enter the draw, you must be a current EYC member and the holder of an EYC Skipper’s License.  To determine if you are on the list of EYC Skipper’s License holders, go to  The list is still being compiled, so your name might not appear even if you are eligible for, or have already been awarded, a Skipper’s License.  If you think your name should be on the list but it is not, e-mail [email protected].  For details of how to obtain an EYC Skipper’s License, see the EYC’s Water Safety Policy at

Boat draw winners will be notified by e-mail on Friday, June 29.  By entering the boat draw, you commit to compete in the entire Family Regatta as skipper of the boat you drew, unless you choose not to race for safety reasons.