Laser Racing at the EYC in 2012

This will be only the third year of Laser racing at the EYC, but Lasers have already proven a favorite racing class for EYC teens and adults.  As in past years, Laser races will take place on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons (at the same times as Flying Junior races).

The EYC has purchased Laser Radial rigs for all its Lasers.  The Radial rig consists of a shorter lower mast section and a smaller sail.  The overall effect is to reduce the power of the rig by approximately 1/3.   The ideal crew weight for a Laser is about 185 pounds; for a Laser Radial, abut 140 pounds, but even smaller sailors can easily sail a Laser Radial.

The Radial rigs were purchased primarily for use in lessons, but will be available for racing too.  Laser Radials will race together with Lasers, scored as a single fleet.  When racing an EYC-owned Laser, sailors may choose to use the regular Laser rig or the Radial rig, depending on their own weight and skill level, and on wind velocity.  Smaller sailors may find that they go faster with Laser Radial rig, despite (or in fact because of) its reduced sail area.

Also, the EYC has acquired an additional Laser in 2012 to bring its Laser fleet to a total of ten.