EYC Miscellany

SUMMER HOURS.  Beginning Monday, June 6, the EYC will be open daily from 9 AM to 5 PM (and sometimes later on evenings when there is racing or another event.)

THANKS!  Thanks to EYC members Jim and Ruth Metz, who donated $200 to name an EYC Laser.

LOCKERS.  If you or your child spend a lot of time at the EYC, you can rent a locker to keep your possessions dry and safe.   The EYC rents two sizes of lockers.  The smaller lockers ($25/season) are sized to store lunch and a few personal possessions that you would not want to take out on a boat and get wet, like purses, wallets and mobile phones.  The larger lockers ($37/season) are big enough also to hang up a couple of PFDs, and store your backpack, laptop computer, foul weather gear, or a few other clothing items.  You supply your own combination lock.  A few lockers are still available.  Act soon before they are all gone!  If you want to reserve a locker, contact the Marsella Fults, EYC Commodore and Slip Czar [email protected]

CONTAINERS.  You can be “green” and help the EYC at the same time!  The next time you finish a pint or quart of ice cream in a round paper carton, or finish a gallon bottle of bleach, please save your paper carton or plastic bleach bottle for the EYC.  The EYC uses dozens of paper carton every summer to mix polyester resin for boat repairs, and they cost an arm and a leg at local chandleries.  The bleach bottles, with their caps, are perfect for scoop bailers.  Just drop off your thoroughly rinsed cartons and bottles at the EYC next time you are there.  The EYC thanks you for helping keep down its expenses!

BOAT DELIVERY.  The EYC needs a member to deliver a Laser for repair to Ogdensburg, Wisconsin, about 40 minutes west of Green Bay.  If you live in Wausau, the Twin Cities, or Green Bay, and would be able to drop off this boat, the EYC would be very grateful!  You would need a vehicle with a 1 7/8″ trailer ball.  E-mail [email protected] if you can help.

ONE LASER TRAILER STILL FOR SALE.  The EYC has one used Laser trailer remaining for sale, for $250.  This trailer has bunks custom-built to carry a Laser.  The trailer is older but in solid condition with good tires and lights.  If you are interested in buying this trailer, have questions, or want to see pictures, contact [email protected]