The EYC is Open for the Summer!

The EYC is open for the summer!  Through Sunday, June 5, the clubhouse will be open and the EYC will be staffed from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.  Staff will be setting up the clubhouse and fleets for the summer.  Hours for the following week will be announced in a later e-mail.  Regular summer hours will begin June 13.

Thanks to EYC member Paul Jones, who mulched the front flower bed.  Also thanks to former EYC student Jarrett Bryzek, who donated four new inflatable racing marks!

Finally, thanks to the following members who helped open the EYC on Saturday, May 28 (in no particular order):

Jack, JR and Abby O’Rourke

Bob and Steven Richter

Rich, Megan and Chris Bierman

Rick, Jodi and Eric Hoyerman

Alison Beadell

Jim Shatto

Bjorn Hooper

Donna and Mike Ofenloch

John, Deanna, Isak and Stefan Peterson

Fred Perryman

Joel Dykman

Lal Burridge

George and Linda Carey

Debby, Woody and Erica Heidler

Keith Eikenberg

George Kraemer

Jay Lott

Marsella Fults

Matthew Smith

Olivia Demarinis

Brian Ritter