You Can Name the EYC’s Eighth Laser

The EYC purchased six Lasers in 2010.  The boats were so popular with students and racers that the EYC has added two more Lasers for 2011, for a total of eight.  The EYC is also purchasing eight new Laser sails for 2011 so that the Lasers will be more evenly matched for racing.

Thanks to Prilla and Tony Beadell for donating $200 in exchange for the right to name the EYC’s seventh Laser.  That leaves our eighth Laser still to be named.  The naming rights to the eighth Laser will be sold for $200, to the first person to e-mail [email protected] with the phrase “I love the EYC!”  (Be sure to give your name and phone number in your e-mail, too.)

Thanks to EYC Treasurer Deb Ritter for finding Laser #8 for sale online, and thanks to EYC Rear Commodore David Sauter for taking time out of his weekend on short notice to assess, purchase, and pick up the boat.

Although the EYC does not plan to purchase any more Lasers for 2011, the EYC will still gratefully accept donations of Lasers, Laser sails and Laser parts.  Remember, your donation to the EYC is tax-deductible!