Changes to 2011 Lessons Will Limit Enrollment; Sign up Now!

If you have signed up, or may sign up, for 2011 sailing lessons at the EYC, please read this carefully.

The EYC is experiencing unprecedented levels of demand for its 2011 group sailing lessons.  In order to limit enrollment to quantities which allow the EYC to maintain and improve the quality of its lessons, the EYC is making some changes in the lessons offered:

1.  The EYC has placed limits on enrollment for each lesson level, in each time period (“session”).  Most classes will be limited to six students per senior instructor.  (In many classes, junior instructors will also assist in teaching, making the student / instructor ratio well under 6:1.)  Although in past years the EYC was often willing to squeeze in a few extra students at the last minute into the more popular lessons and sessions, this year the enrollment limits will be strictly followed.  Enroll now!

2.  Due to numerous requests, the EYC will offer separate beginner lessons for teens.  Level 1 lessons for teens will be offered in sessions B through E.  Level 2 lessons for teens will be offered in sessions C through E.  Teen beginner lessons will be taught in the afternoons, to students who have reached their 13th birthday as of June 13, 2011.  Level 1 and 2 lessons for students of any age will continue to be offered mornings in every session and afternoons in Sessions B through E.  Parents who have already signed up their teen for an all-ages Level 1 or Level 2 lesson, and who want to move that teen to the afternoon teens-only lesson, may do so by emailing [email protected].

3.  Due to lack of demand, the EYC no longer will offer group Cruising lessons except mornings during Session C.  Cruising lessons provide advanced instruction for students who have completed Level 4 and obtained a skippers license, but who do not want to take the Advanced Racing class.

The rest of the EYC’s lesson program offerings, from first graders to adults, including the EYC’s new summer-long adult Thursday evening lessons, remain unchanged.

If you plan to take lessons in 2011 and have not yet signed up, sign up at soon before the lesson level and session which you want is full.

Tips for parents:

1.  Please carefully read and follow all the information and instructions provided during the on-line signup process.

2.  The most popular (and crowded) sessions are sessions C, D, and E, in the mornings.  If those sessions are full, or if you prefer to maximize the chance that your child will experience a lower student/instructor ratio, sign up for sessions A or B, and/or sign up for afternoon lessons instead of morning lessons.

3.  EYC membership is required in order to take lessons.  A junior student must either be a Student member, or the child of a Family member.  Being the niece, nephew, grandchild, or house guest of a Family member is not in itself sufficient to entitle a junior student to take lessons.  Student membership is only $50, no initiation fee required.  Family members who have not already renewed should contact the EYC’s membership chairman Nancy Claypool [email protected].  Student memberships are purchased during the online lesson sign-up process.

4.  Sign up your child for the correct lesson level (one level above the level most recently successfully passed).  You should have received a report card at the end of the last session your child completed, which indicates at which level the child should enroll next.  If you do not remember which level your child most recently passed, or if your child is transferring into the EYC program above a beginner level, e-mail [email protected] for instructions.

For a complete description of the EYC’s lesson program, go to  If you have any questions about the EYC’s lesson program, please e-mail [email protected].