It’s June 1st. The club is OPEN! And the water level is HIGH!

What does it mean for the EYC to be “OPEN”?

Good question! The EYC opened on Tuesday after Memorial Day, and that means members can come on down and enjoy the waterfront property that your membership brings. It also means that you should clear your calendar because races start soon (see below for delay) then Bunco and Bridge both start the week of the 10th, and there’s a First Mates (ladies) wine event on June 10. The club will be staffed starting June 14th from 8:30-5 weekdays (later on race evenings) and 8:45 -5 on weekends during which time members can check out boats. That same weekend brings a steady clip of activities like the pancake breakfast, Fyr Ball Regatta and cookout, 420 and laser races, and then come lessons, camps, junior activities, men’s night, and more. The best place to get the scoop is on the EYC website, or the EYC calendar.

High water levels are making things complicated!

With the high water levels, the safety of our members, staff and equipment are of utmost concern, so we appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we get things sorted out. We’re having Port-a-pier install jersey barriers (no idea what those are but I guess we’ll find out), and that has implications for the next week: First, the June 8th Flying Scot races are cancelledSorry about that. And second the pier is not yet ready to store private boatsSorry about that too. We’ll keep you posted.

EYC Lessons and camps start in two weeks! Please spread the word.

There are one week and two week classes, classes on power boating, lasers, opti racing, adventure sailing camps, private sessions, and more for ages 7 – 120. Please please share this info with families or friends who may not know about the EYC programs. Non-members are encouraged to sign up and peer pressure is an excellent tool to make this happen. (“Everybody’s doing it”).  Spots are limited, and do fill.  Here’s the link to sign up.


Thanks to all those who helped out with last Saturday’s Spring Cleanup!

This from Fred: We had a great turnout on a beautiful day!  We accomplished everything we had planned and topped it off with a nice lunch. It was a great time to meet new people and to visit with friends we haven’t seen since last season.  Those who helped are listed below in no particular order.  Please accept our apologies if we have missed someone.  We try to capture the names of all those who participated, but since there’s a lot going on and a lot of moving parts, sometimes we miss someone.  Also a special thanks to Jack O’Rourke who did an excellent job as grill master!

Gordon Rowley, Jennifer Ikeda, Michael Faugust, Hugh Haggerty, Beth Moritz, Henry Moritz, Kim Miller, Spencer Olson, Sarah Olson, Laura O’Rourke, Jack O’Rourke, Abby O’Rourke, Sue Lewis, Fred Lewis, Bill DeVitt, Steve Crane, Deb Crane, Dennis Miller, Tom Murray, Bob Schmidt, Cain Goettelman, Deanna Peterson, John Peterson, Barb Ziegler, Jonni Lewis, Will Pooley, Debra Gilmore, Wally Waleffe, Roger Waleffe, Derek Waleffe, Sally Schoendorf, Chris Schoendorf, Rob Cowles, Rob Moore, Sherry Moore, Heather Andersen, Bill Andersen, Topher Andersen, Will Andersen, Craig Rawlins, Jack Rebhan, Jodi Hoyerman, Rick Hoyerman, Jeanne Papenthien, Tommy Papenthien.

This from your blog writer: Can y’all come to my house next? I’ve got some cleaning for you…