Busy Week at EYC. Extra Credit if You Read to the End!

Saturday is the Opti Regatta.  Are you racing?

At the moment we have more racers from other clubs (!) signed up than we do from the EYC! Sign up now and save yourself $20 in late fees if you wait till Saturday. To sign up, send an email to [email protected]

And next week is the Family Regatta! July 14th.

Get your crew set now. Let’s see if anyone can topple last year’s winners: The O’Rourke’s! (er, no pressure!).

First Mates’ Coffee, Monday at 9 am

Hey Ladies, that’s us!  Stop in upstairs at the clubhouse for a morning coffee and social hour.

Volunteers needed for Bratfest and Commodore’s Party

EYC needs volunteers to help at our most popular events. Volunteering is a way to attend the event and meet other members. Please click on the links to sign up at Bratfest (Aug 4th) or the Commodore’s Party (Aug 11).

Volunteer recognition board now in clubhouse!

And speaking of volunteers, thanks to all those that have submitted volunteer recognition forms via the online link. The other option is to do so in person upstairs in the clubhouse. The bulletin board now has a spot to pin up volunteer recognitions. Just fill out a form and pin it to the board — it’s that easy!  The volunteer’s name will be entered in a drawing for a gift certificate.

Ladies Potluck, Thurs. July 12th, 6 pm, Ephraim Village Hall

Bring a food and/or beverage item to share and join this lively event that is sure to have some incredible food (remember that spectacular mango salsa dish from last year?) and the possibility of a surprise serenading.

Men’s Night on the Dock, Friday the 13th, 7:30 pm.

Looking ahead to late next week, we have MNOD (that’s the latest texting abbreviation for Men’s Night On the Dock).  More details to come.

The Laser/420s Racing Class is back!  Mornings, July 23 – Aug 3.

Is your student interested in improving on the race course?  We’ve added a two week Racing Class in the mornings of Session D (July 23-August 3).  This class (not to be confused with Opti Racing) is taught on Lasers and 420s by returning instructor Derek Waleffe (and is open to students who have passed the Intermediate level).

Classes filling, sign up soon.

Beginner class in Session C (July 9-20) is full in the mornings, but there is still space in the afternoons!  Friday, July 6th, at 2:00 pm is the deadline for 2017 prices for Session D classes.  After that, prices increase by $25 fee per class. Visit www.eyc.org/lessons to register.

New Laser Boat Use Policy: Laser License Needed

The 4.7 rigs and newer Laser hulls have increased the interest of our younger sailors in Laser racing.  This is great!  At the same time, we want to be sure that they have the knowledge and ability to rig and safely sail club boats, and if racing, can get out on the race course on time.  To this end, EYC now requires a Laser Skipper’s License if using a laser outside of lessons, similar to the Skipper’s License for Flying Scots.

Obtaining a Laser License means demonstrating basic proficiency in rigging, sailing and docking a Laser safely.  This can happen in the Intro to Lasers class, or by making an appointment with Club Director, Matt Andersen, to get approved by an instructor or the Laser Fleet Captain, Geoff Werner.  Need a laser rigging demo? Let Matt know, and we will get it on the schedule.  Parents, if you have a Laser sailor, learning to rig is a great way to support your sailor!

Extra Credit!

If you read this whole email, you are awarded a prestigious A+ on blog reading.  Congrats to you!