A Successful EYC Closing!

Thanks to everyone who helped close the EYC on Sept. 2nd!  

We had a great turnout and were able to accomplish everything on our work lists. Thanks to Bob and Barb Ziegler for their work at the grill!   

Our sign-in sheet was lost (er, “recycled”) during all of the activities on Saturday, so according to our collective memories, here’s who helped on Saturday.  Please let us know if we missed someone, and accept our apologies!  In no particular order:  Jane, Jack and Ryan Ford; Bill and Heather Andersen; Dick Bierman; Nancy Claypool; John, Liz, Charlie and Katharine Dischner; Michael Faugust and Jennifer Ikeda Faugust; Marsella Fults; Liz Gheorghita; Cain Goettleman; Jodi, Rick and Eric Hoyerman; Fred and Sue Lewis; Joani Lewis; Suzanne Lisle; Ryan Malmgren and Stacey Rieu; Rob and Sherry Moore; Jack, Laura and JR O’Rourke; Scot, Duska and Ingrid Pearson; Craig Rawlins; Andrew Reynolds, Bob Schmidt; John Tuohy; Brian Ritter; Sibylle Tasker; Barb and Bob Ziegler; Karen and Lilly Krause; Kaylee and Kelsey Weddig.  And, thanks to Paul Wilde for taking the power washer in for repair!

Also, thanks to the participants of the 420 clinic for preparing the 420s for storage after the clinic on Sunday.

Editor’s note:

And special thanks to you Fred Lewis for organizing the work party and BBQ!

Rest up everyone!  Next season will be here before you know it.

The EYC runs on all our tremendous volunteers.  We’re technically in the off-season now, so we suggest you use these non-summer months to rest, heal, and rebuild your strength.  The festivities will begin again as they always do next summer and we’re going to need you!