EYC- September update

It has been an exciting time at EYC this week!! Thanks to all who have helped this week to tie down, secure and tidy up after the storms.

Thank you to Guy and Dori Bush and their family for their generous donation of Flying Scot #551 to the EYC. We are grateful for their contribution!!

Thank you to everyone who helped close the EYC on the morning of Saturday, August 30! Those who helped knows there was plenty of work to go around! Thanks to all of the hard work we were able to finish before Noon. We were fortunate in that the rain held off until the work was finished. The rain came at Noon and forced us to move inside to enjoy the welcome lunch prepared by Jodi Hoyerman. Thanks, Jodi! It was great!

Here’s who helped Labor Day Weekend, in no particular order: Rich Hall, Bob Schmidt, Rich Bierman, Chris Bierman, Kim Miller, Michael Faugust, Jennifer Ikeda, Marsella Fults, Rick Hoyerman, Eric Hoyerman, Jodi Hoyerman, Isak Peterson, Jack O’Rourke, Laura O’Rourke, Suzanne Lisle, George Kraemer, Joel Dykman, Delaney Dykman, Rob Moore, Sherry Moore, Liz Gheorghita, Nan Zimdars, Fran Morof, Ben Morof, David Morof, Henry Morof, Anne Crowe, Ruthie Sauter, Charlie Sauter, Rob Cowles, Myra DeLong, Fran Roza, Joni Lewis, Steve Sauter, Christine Bridenhagen, Keith Bridenhagen, Sue Lewis and Fred Lewis. Thanks to Steve Sauter, Isak Peterson, Eric Hoyerman, Matt Anderson, Bill Anderson, Jodi Hoyerman, Liz Gheorghita and Fred Lewis who helped out during the two weeks prior to Saturday to get a jump on things. This list is based on our sign in sheet. Please let us know if we have missed someone, and accept our apologies!