Opening Social Saturday June 28

Be sure to come to the EYC’s FREE Opening Social this Saturday, June 28, beginning at 6:00 P.M.

If you are a new EYC member, we encourage you to attend and mingle.  The single best thing about the EYC is its people, and we want to get to know you!

If you are a longtime EYC member, please make a special effort to introduce yourself to new members and make them feel welcome.  The Opening Social is also a perfect opportunity to invite a  guest, to introduce them to the EYC.

This is one of several FREE social events hosted annually by the EYC.  The EYC will supply wine, beer, and soft drinks.  Please bring an hors d’oeuvre to share.  Dress is summer casual. Please, no dogs at this event.  This event is open to EYC members and guests ages 18 and up, and to all EYC staff and their spouses.

As a fundraiser, we will be auctioning off the naming rights to one of the EYC’s newest boats, so bring your checkbook and your most creative boat name!

Let’s always maintain the welcoming, inclusive atmosphere which makes the EYC such a special place.

Please welcome these new EYC members (since August 31, 2013):

Roarty, Tim and Holly

Crowe, Elliott

Keepper, Kevin and Lindsay

Scattergood, Alison

Hoffmann, Michael and Lynn

Bungener, Will and Leah

Vail, Walter and Kathleen

Presti, Marylee and Mark

Gimelli, Giorgio and Ellie

Mann, Randi and Jeff

Lokun, Julie and Russel

Knight, Sara and Colin

Gebauer, Anthony and Renee

Mortara, Justin and Susanna

Smith, John and Dyan

Saccaro, Jane and Jay

Roza, Marguerite and Scott

Brooke, Nadine and Jim

Covert, George and Laurie

Neavolls, Jennifer

Kane, Kevin and Nancy

Miller, Dennis and Kathleen

Wegman, Richard

Wise, Karl and Jane

Gilson, Lynne and Joel

Rowings, James and LaDona

Bartlett, Gary and Andrea