Correction / Private lessons at the EYC

Correction:  yesterday’s member e-mail erroneously listed the date of the raft-up picnic as Sunday, June 25.  The correct date of the raft-up is TODAY, Sunday, May 25.


The EYC offers private sailing lessons by appointment. This is a great way to get a lot of instruction in a short period of time. Private lessons might be for you if:

  • Group lessons do not fit your schedule;
  • You want to learn at an accelerated pace;
  • You want intensive instruction to catch up to the other students in your age range;
  • You want to take a lesson together with specific friends or family members;
  • You want instruction on a specific sailing skill; or
  • You feel more comfortable in a one-on-one situation with an instructor

Private lessons are available to both adults and juniors.  Up to four persons can take a private lesson together.  The pace and content of private lessons are geared to the individual student(s) and can be taught in any of the EYC’s fleets, Flying Scots, 420s, Optimists or Lasers.

Private lessons are available by appointment.  To schedule a private lesson, contact [email protected], or stop by the EYC during open hours.