Freak ice shove hits EYC pier

Dear fellow Ephraim Yacht Club members,

The EYC’s pier experienced an ice shove on the night of April 13-14.  In some places chunks of ice approximately 2 feet thick are piled up to a height of almost ten feet above the pier.  The ice shove was the result of a strong gale (40+ knots) from exactly the wrong direction (NNW) pushing rotten spring ice against the pier.  This is the first time in memory that an ice shove has affected the EYC.  The EYC typically avoids damaging ice shoves by our location in a protected harbor, and by the shield of Anderson’s Dock, our neighbor to the north.

The ice shove damaged some of the EYC’s equipment which was winter-stored on the pier.  Some boat lifts were damaged and at least one is likely to need replacement.  The EYC’s 10 Lasers and eighteen 420s, which were stored in racks on the pier, appear to have escaped without major damage.  The EYC’s boats and equipment are insured, so this incident should not have a material effect on the EYC’s finances.

We will know more in a couple of weeks, after the ice has melted and we can remove the shrinkwrap from the boats.  But we know now that this freak incident will not stop the EYC from having its full fleet available for member use come the summer season, nor will it result in any change in the EYC’s schedule or daily operations.  The EYC has the funds and the time to make any necessary repairs or replacements before summer.

Members can continue to make plans and to enroll in sailing lessons with full confidence that the EYC and its fleet will be there, at 100% capacity, this summer season.  I look forward to seeing you at the EYC this summer!

Best Regards,

Jack O’Rourke, Commodore