Dock improvements / EYC thank-yous

A lot of work has been done this fall to improve the EYC for next year.  Dock chair Rich Bierman oversaw the replacement of the remaining graveled surface on the pier with concrete.  The concrete surface will effectively increase the usable area of the pier and will make dry-slipped Flying Scots much more accessible and easier to roll, launch and recover.

Rich also designed and constructed a winter storage rack for our eighteen 420s.  By storing the 420s in a rack, we avoid the large amount of labor and expense of storing them offsite.  The 420s and the Lasers will be shrinkwrapped in their winter racks to avoid weather damage.

Thanks to the following persons who helped assemble the 420 rack and load the 420s into the rack on Saturday, October 11:  Rich Bierman, Rick Hoyerman, Eric Hoyerman, Chris Bierman, Peter Moegenburg, Fred Lewis, Kim Miller, Jeff Steele, Paul Pillat, John Welch, Jack O Rourke, Adam Moore, Rob Moore, Bjorn Hooper, and Cain Goettelman.

We try to make sure everyone who helps is publicly thanked.  However, so many people help that sometimes we forget or someone falls through the cracks.  If you know of someone who has helped the EYC, and has not been publicly thanked in an e-mail or in the Eagle’s Cry, please let us know [email protected]