EYC thank-yous

The EYC gets lots of help from members and friends.  We are especially grateful to those who give time during holiday weekends!

Thank you to everyone who helped close the EYC on the morning on Saturday, August 31.  Because the EYC staff had done such a great job getting the club clean and neat, we were able to accomplish almost everything in just two hours!  If, when reading this list of helpers, you get a feeling of deja vu, that’s because there are some EYC members who consistently show up to help for these work days, twice per year for two or three hours, and we thank them in particular for their dedication and generosity.

Here’s who helped Saturday, in no particular order:  Rich Hall, Dick Bierman, Rich Bierman, Chris Bierman, Kim Miller, Jenny Miller, Michael Faugust, Anton Johansen, Marsella Fults, Randy Pyle, Mary Horton, Ethan Horton, Matt Horton, Matt Andersen, Rick Hoyerman, Eric Hoyerman, Jodi Hoyerman, Gus Leonard, Maureen Grey, Charlie Schult, Fred Lewis, John Welch, Jay Lott, John Peterson, Stefan Peterson, Deanna Peterson, Sibylle Tasker, Sophie Tasker, Jack O’Rourke, Laura O’Rourke, Abby O’Rourke, Suzanne Lisle, George Kraemer, Joel Dykman, Ally Dykman, Rob Moore, Sherry Moore, Carrie Ritter, Gordon Rowley, Duska Pearson, Annika Pearson, Ingrid Pearson, Gretchen Pearson, Liz Gheorghita, Margaret Gheorghita, Christine Bridenhagen, Eric Richter, Stephanie Richter, Sydney Richter, Jim Gilmore, Campbell Lorenz, Parker Lorenz, Linda Franczyk, and John Franczyk.

Also, thanks to the following persons who took an additional hour to drive to Jacksonport to flip upside down the EYC’s Flying Scot McLal’s Single Malt, so that it can be painted and refurbished over the winter by member volunteer Mike Callahan:  Kim Miller, Tyler Degeneffe, John Franczyk, Michael Faugust, Rob Moore, Eric Richter, Joel Dykman, Stefan Peterson, Jay Lott, John Welch, and Anton Johansen.

Thanks again to Port Storage in Jacksonport, owned by EYC members Bill and Heather Andersen.  This will be the third year in a row that Bill and Heather have donated heated indoor space at Port Storage to enable Mike Callahan to sand, fair, and paint an EYC Flying Scot.  Bill and Heather also donate space in another of their storage facilities (in Bailey’s Harbor) for the EYC to store its nine Flying Scots and six powerboats each winter.  If you are looking for storage space for a boat or other items, please consider Port Storage and the Andersens.

Thanks to Joel Dykman, Fred Lewis and Jack O’Rourke, who drove to Jacksonport to pick up a Sunfish which was offered to the EYC as a donation.  Thanks to Fred, who picked up an EYC trailer from the car repair place where it had new tires installed.

Thanks to EYC members Donna and Kirk Scattergood, who donated a crate full of Flying Scot parts.

We try to make sure everyone who helps is publicly thanked.  However, so many people help that sometimes we forget or someone falls through the cracks.  If you know of someone who has helped the EYC, and has not been publicly thanked in an e-mail or in the Eagle’s Cry, please let us know [email protected]