Use of EYC-owned sailboats / Family Regatta boat draw

A primary benefit of EYC membership is that qualified adult members are able to use EYC-owned Flying Scots, 420s and Lasers for races and other recreational sailing, at no charge.

Members are asked to remember the following about the use of EYC-owned boats:

*  An adult member who wishes to skipper an EYC Flying Scot outside of sailing lessons, or an EYC Laser or 420 outside of lessons or racing, must hold an EYC Skipper’s License.  The list of Skipper’s License holders is at

*  Adult members who wish to earn a Skipper’s License should contact the EYC’s Sailing Director, Woody Heidler, to set up an appointment for a Skipper’s License assessment.  Call Woody at the EYC (920) 854-7107 or e-mail [email protected]

*  The Skipper’s License assessment is an in-person interview taking less than 20 minutes.  The EYC will assess your skills and experience in sailing dinghies.

*  The EYC may grant you a Skipper’s License based on the assessment interview.  Alternatively, the EYC may ask that you take a practical, on-the-water test to assess your skills.  Or, the EYC may suggest that you take sailing lessons to gain additional skills and make yourself eligible for a Skipper’s License.

*  The use of EYC-owned sailboats outside of lessons and racing is on an as-available basis.  Please call ahead to determine if a boat is available.

Different rules and procedures apply to EYC members under age 18.  For more details, see the EYC’s Safety Policy located here and also posted in the EYC’s clubhouse.


The BOAT DRAW TO SKIPPER AN EYC-OWNED FLYING SCOT IN THE FAMILY REGATTA has been extended and now will take place at 5:00 PM on Thursday, June 27.  To skipper an EYC-owned Flying Scot in the Family Regatta, you must be an EYC member and you must have an EYC Skipper’s License.  You do not have to be present in person to enter the draw.  To enter the draw, e-mail [email protected] prior to 5:00 PM on Thursday, June 27, and state your name and that you wish to enter the draw.  Drawing participants will be notified by e-mail of the boat they drew.  To see if you are on the list of Skipper’s License holders go to

Any boats not allocated in the June 27 draw will be allocated in a second draw at 9:00 AM on Saturday, June 29.  Skippers must be present in person to participate in the Saturday, June 29 draw.


The EYC needs a few household items.  Please help if you can.  We need PINT ICE CREAM CONTAINERS, cardboard (not plastic), without their lids.  We use these to mix resins for boat repairs.  We need GALLON PLASTIC JUGS, with their caps.  The best are Clorox bottles and milk bottles.  We use these to make scoop bailers.  In each case please make sure you thoroughly rinse and clean these items before delivering them to the EYC.  Thanks!