Updated Safety Policy Expands Sailing Opportunity at the EYC

The EYC Board of Directors has adopted an updated Safety Policy which expands the circumstances in which EYC juniors can sail EYC-owned boats.

A number of members requested additional opportunity for EYC juniors to practice sailing in EYC-owned boats unsupervised (outside of lessons or scheduled races), prior to earning a Skippers License.  Accordingly, the EYC has updated its safety policy to allow unsupervised juniors to sail its Optimists, Lasers and 420s in certain limited circumstances, even without having earned a Skippers License.

Some of the conditions for such use include: minimum age; minimum levels achieved in the EYC’s sailing school; EYC staff approval in each instance; parental assumption of responsibility for the safety of the student; and parental execution of an Acknowledgement, Waiver, and Indemnification Agreement.  The EYC will not supervise, will not “keep an eye on,” and will not be responsible for the safety of, members who are sailing EYC-owned boats outside of lessons or scheduled races.

EYC parents whose children may wish to sail EYC boats in an unsupervised context should familiarize themselves with the details of the Safety Policy, which is posted at www.eyc.org/member-info

A Skipper’s License will still be required for any EYC member to skipper an EYC-owned Flying Scot, except during lessons.  Skippers License holders under age 18 now will be required to provide a signed Parental Acknowledgement, Waiver and Indemnification Agreement in order to sail EYC-owned boats outside of lessons or racing.

As always, any EYC member can go sailing whenever he or she wishes in a privately owned boat.  As before, neither parental supervision nor a Skipper’s License is required to sail an EYC-owned Optimist, Laser or 420 during lessons or scheduled races or regattas.

If you have questions about the new Safety Policy, please contact [email protected]