EYC Thank-Yous / Correction

The EYC gets lots of help from members and friends, who donate their time, their money, their surplus items, and their good ideas.  Here are some people who have helped the EYC lately:

Thank you to Alison and Phil Tatlow, who donated three children’s PFDs, which have been added to the EYC’s collection of loaner PFDs.

Thank you to Steve Sauter of icecreamsource.com (etailer, Inc.), who provided a crew of paid workers to help load the EYC’s eight Flying Junior’s on the truck to ship them to their new owner.  Also thanks to Steve’s son Charlie Sauter who helped carry booms and sails to be loaded!

Thank you to everyone who helped the EYC flip over its newly repainted Flying Scot “Scot Free” during their Thanksgiving holiday (in no particular order):  Matt Smith, Roger Waleffe, Wally Waleffe, Jack O’Rourke, J.R. O’Rourke, Mike Faugust, Isak Peterson, Rex Kahr, Joel Dykman, Mike Lisle, Jay Lott, Xavier Franczyk, John Franczyk, Jim Nelson, Bob Richter, Eric Richter, Steven Richter, and maybe a few other people whose names we didn’t catch during this brief, dim project (if you were there and have not been thanked, e-mail [email protected] to be thanked later.)  And we can’t thank EYC member Mike Callahan enough for the beautiful forest green paint job he’s done on Scot Free.

And a correction to the dead tree version of the Fall 2012 Eagle’s Cry:  George Kraemer was inadvertently omitted from the list of EYC Directors on the first page.  George was elected to a new three year term as a Director in August 2012.  The EYC regrets the error.