EYC Thank-yous

Lots of EYC members and friends help out the EYC in many ways, year after year.  Here are just some recent helpers who we wish to thank:

Thank you to Bob and Em Rogers, who scanned a bunch of the EYC’s old photos to add to the EYC’s online photo archive.

Thank you to David Meissner of Fish Creek, who donated to the EYC a used Sirius 21 sailboat and trailer, and a boat lift.  The EYC plans to sell the sailboat and trailer to raise funds, and to use the boat lift to store another one of our fleet.

Thank you to EYC House and Dock chair Rich Bierman, who built new Laser racks for the EYC which are a big improvement over the old racks, made of rigid steel and perfectly designed to easily roll a Laser in and out.  Rich also built the EYC’s new kayak and stand-up paddleboard racks.  Rich’s company Wisconsin Converting donated surplus materials to help hold the cost to a minimum.  We now have slots for the EYC’s ten Lasers plus four member-owned Lasers, so if you want to rent a Laser slot, contact EYC Slip Czar Marsella Fults [email protected]

Thank you to David Sauter and his helpful crew at Envano, Inc. for making upgrades to the EYC’s website.  Envano created the EYC’s site, hosts it, provides online marketing advice, and has never charged the EYC a penny for these services.

Thank you to EYC member Mike Maltby of Action Electric in Sister Bay, who stored the EYC’s electric crane motors over the winter, and then spent several hours installing them this spring, all free of charge.

Thank you to Tom and Liz Sublewski, who won the auction to name an EYC Optimist with a bid of $500.

Thank you to EYC Equipment Committee chairman Bjorn Hooper, who drove to Minneapolis to purchase a used Optimist on behalf of the EYC, and who took charge of the EYC’s Wee Man powerboat and got its motor diagnosed so that it will be more useful in 2012.

Thank you to EYC members Bill and Heather Andersen, who with just a few minutes notice on a weekend afternoon, purchased a used Optimist on behalf of the EYC and delivered it to Ephraim a couple of days later.

Thank you to Deb and Marv Ritter, who stored the EYC’s newest Laser in their garage for five weeks and provided electricity to run a fan to dry it out, for that entire time.

Thanks to all the people who helped open the EYC on the morning of Saturday, May 26.  Many hands did make light work, and we are well on our way to being ready for summer.  In no particular order:

John Wood

Sarah Olson

Roger Waleffe

Matt “Smitty” Smith

Michael “Smitty” Smith

Jean Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds

Julia Reynolds

John Peterson

Deanna Peterson

Scott Pearson

Duska Pearson

Annika Pearson

Gretchen Pearson

Ingrid Pearson

Peter Moegenburg

George Carey

Linda Carey

Alison Tatlow

Norma Hager

Tom Murray

Mike Callahan

Paul Olson

Christine Bridenhagen

Eric Bierman

Stefan Peterson

Isac Peterson

Adam Moore

Joani Lewis

Steve Sauter

Ellen Stiller

Sean Stiller

Bruce Gantz

Rick Hoyerman

Jack O’Rourke

Dick Bierman

Fred Lewis

Skip Heidler

Erica Heidler

Brian Ritter

Rex Kahr

Michael Faugust

Nan Hoesley

Bob Richter

Sydney Richter

Steven Richter

Eric Richter

Stephanie Richter

Spencer Olson

Claudia Latreille

Olivia Latreille

Sara Latreille

Jason Brown

Kirk Brown

Karen Brown

Kim Miller

Rich Bierman

Jim Shatto

Jay Lott