The EYC Needs Your Photos

If you have good photos of EYC people or events from 2011, please submit your photos to the EYC.  The EYC will post the photos in its public online photo archive at  Your photos may also be used in the Eagle’s Cry.

Do you think that would take too much time?  How about submitting just your three FAVORITE 2011 EYC photos?  We especially like good sailing action photos, and photos of EYC members and juniors having fun at various EYC events and activities.  We also like older photos scanned into digital format!

You can submit your photos by e-mail to [email protected].  If you have too many photos to e-mail, contact [email protected] to learn alternative methods to submit your photos.

Please submit your photos!  We want to build an EYC photo archive which future generations can look back on with a smile!