Thanks to EYC Helpers!

A big thank you to all EYC members who helped out putting away boats and closing down the EYC clubhouse this morning.  We had lots of willing hands, so all the big projects got done, like taking apart and stowing boats, and removing the hanging piers.  A few smaller clubhouse projects remain to be completed.  If you are interested in helping with clubhouse projects, please contact House and Dock chairman Rich Bierman [email protected]

Again, thanks to those who helped:

Bill Andersen

Matt Andersen

Chris Bierman

Karen Bierman

Megan Bierman

Rich Bierman

Christine Bridenhagen

Lal Burridge

Joel Dykman

Marsella Fults

Walker Fults

Rich and Prudy Hall

Deb Heidler

Erica Heidler

Skip Heidler

Eric Hoyerman

Rich Hoyerman

Denise Kung

Jay Lott

Pete Moegenburg

Sam Moegenburg

Adam Moore

Katie Moore

Jack O’Rourke

J.R. O’Rourke

Deanna Peterson

John Peterson

Stefan Peterson

Paul Pillat

Jack Puisis

Jennifer Puisis

Joe Puisis

Justin Puisis

Bob Richter

Eric Richter

Stephanie Richter

Sydney Richter

Steven Richter

Brian Ritter

Deb Ritter

Bill Schult

Matt Smith

Christian Swensen

Nate Treleven

Rob Treleven

Matt Winnaker