Help Name the EYC’s Lasers

The EYC has acquired six Laser sailboats.  The Lasers have been popular with both adults and juniors for racing in the EYC’s Friday evening and Sunday afternoon Laser races.  Now our Lasers need names so we can tell them apart!

As a fundraiser for the EYC, the EYC is auctioning off the rights to name the EYC Lasers. If you are one of the top six bidders, you can name a Laser after a favorite family member, a dear departed one, or something more whimsical…your imagination (and good taste) are the only limits. And, oh yes, 18 characters maximum.

Minimum bid is $100. To bid, e-mail [email protected] with your name and your bid amount. This is a dutch auction, so the top six bidders will each pay the price bid by the sixth highest bidder. Example: you bid $250 and you are the third highest bidder, but the sixth highest bidder only bid $200. Therefore you pay only $200 and you get to name one of the EYC’s Lasers!

Other rules: Bid deadline is August 6, 2010. Winners will be announced August 7, 2010. Payment from winning bidders is due by August 20, 2010.  Bids must be in multiples of $10.  Your boat name does not have to be submitted with your bid – you can submit your boat name after you win. If you wish to name multiple boats, you must submit bids under the names of multiple persons. (For example, a husband and wife could each name a boat if each submitted separate bids under their own names).  Submitted boat names must be in good taste.  The EYC reserves the right to reject the boat name proposed by a winner for any reason in the EYC’s sole discretion.  Any bid ties at the sixth position will be broken by who submitted the bid first. (For example, if five people bid $250 and two people bid $200, then the five $250 bidders will each name a boat and pay $200, and the first person who bid $200 will also get to name a boat for $200.) If there are less than six bidders, each bidder will pay the amount of the lowest bid. Your bid is a binding contract to pay according to the auction rules, if you are one of the top six bidders.

Submit your bids now by e-mailing [email protected]; caption your e-mail “auction bid” and include your name and bid amount!