A little Labor Day Labor at the EYC – 2009

All hands on Deck to help close down the club.  Keeping the EYC open later this season was a BIG Hit.  We will try and manage it next year as well.  Because we did, our Instructor team is almost all gone and thus we, the membership,  need to finish putting the Club to bed for the season.  Join your leadership, bring your gloves and a smile on Labor Day Sept. 7th at 8am.  With enough hands we will make short order of the work, then hang out and cook the hot dogs and burgers the Instructors left for us!  Thank you in advance if you can join us even for just a bit!

Posted by Marsella Fults, Commodore; George Kraemer, Vice Commodore; Rich Bierman, Clubhouse Chair; David Sauter, Rear Commodore