The EYC is OPEN through Labor Day!!! – 2009

The Club says:  “Come down and use me, or some of my boats or take some lessons or how about some fun racing!!!”

We have the team so the club will stay open for private lessons and club boat check-out all next week and from Wednesday through Sunday each week through the end of August. We will also have staff available on Labor Day weekend.

  • Hours:  10-5
  • 3 Flying Scots Available
  • 3 Flying Juniors Available
  • 1 Laser
  • 1 OPTI
  • Private Sailing Lessons by either Allison Chase or Olivia Demarinis
  • Fun RACES (help us pick some days and times)

Contact Allison Chase for lessons or to reserve a boat by calling the club (854-7107) or her cell phone (214-675-2075)

Help us prove that there are still EYC members in DC through Labor Day!!!  Summer doesn’t have to be over!

Posted by:  Marsella Fults, Commodore & Allison Chase, Post Season Director