HOUSING NEEDED for Instructors – 2007

Due to the enormous success of our Sailing Education program and the excellent but limited local Instructor talent, we are having to recruit Instructors from out of the area. It is our goal to continue to foster local sailors into EYC Instructors but we must meet the demand of the many many young sailors that wish to share the wind and waves of Eagle Harbor with the rest of us.

So, we are imploring anyone who can find it in thier heart, and has the room for the summer, to invite a talented and courteous Instructor into their family and provide a spare bed! We are in the process of recruiting now, but would like to line up the housing as soon as possible. If you have the space and are at least willing to consider taking in a bright talented young sailor, please contact David Sauter at 920-217-5851. We are focusing on college students who are either currently Instructors or are participating in College Racing Programs.

Thank you for considering this wonderful opportunity! Again, please contact David Sauter at 920-217-5851.