Safe Email Practices

EYC Members

While our database has not been hacked, please be advised that scammers frequently pose as the Commodore, Treasurer, or other individuals listed on our website in emails directed to specific recipients, whose contact info is also listed on the website. They attempt to trick the recipient out of money, or gift cards, etc.
They use our names and other information available on our website to make themselves sound credible-ish. The email address is often incorrect, but the more sophisticated scammers “spoof” the address, making it appear correct, so that isn’t a sure way to sniff them out.
They will also try to create a sense of urgency. Maybe some reason why it needs to be addressed “discretely.” If in doubt, call the supposed sender.
Definitely do NOT click on links in a suspect email, or open attachments. Pick up the phone. Call the sender before investigating further. I think that is the safest bet.
EYC Commodore